"The movie’s energy, ebullience, vivid scenery and pizza porn keep us watching" 
 - LATimes


"A deeply insightful work that will inspire
both laughter and tears” - Fra Noi

Arrangiarsi (pizza... and the art of living)” chronicles my journey in search of the secret of the pizza in Naples.  There, I also discovered “arrangiarsi”: the art of making something out of nothing.


Only the Italians have a common verb for this art form and the Neapolitans are known all over Italy as being the masters.


During the making of this film, I lived for five years in my camper van in California and in a tent in Naples, Italy where I made a total of nine trips for filming.  I worked, bartered and “arranged” my life to create this film that I wrote, directed, produced, photographed, narrated and edited.


To truly understand the film's subject matter, it was important for me to actually "live it" -- not just go to Naples for two weeks with a big budget, a film crew, and be a “tourist,” but to immerse myself and deeply experience the culture.


The film also explores each element of Neapolitan pizza: the tomato, wheat and olive harvests, as well as Italy’s only organic buffalo mozzarella farm.  In addition to each ingredient, the film examines the skill of the “pizzaiolo” (pizza-maker) and reveals their secrets.


From the beginning, I envisioned this project to be more of a non-fiction film with narrative elements rather than a documentary with talking heads.  I wanted this film to be “alive” -- like Naples, and the pizza it created.


This eight-year project is my love letter to Naples, pizza, Italy, and the knowledge that “there is always a way.”



Matteo Troncone




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