A master, a mensch and a mellifluous voice

Today was a good day. Peter Coyote and I recorded his warm and casual narration for "arrangiarsi" in Sebastopol, California at a lightening fast pace. He is so sharp, clear and gifted that he completed all the narration for the film in 23 minutes! I was particularly impressed by his Italian pronunciations. Peter offered many years ago to do this for the film.

This session was made possible by the special financial support of Adria Badagnani and Rob Evans. I want to honor and thank them for their generosity and belief in the magic of film. Grazie.

Thanks also go to Angela Savoy of Savoy Design in New York State. Angie created, along with my concept, a great design for the Solare Films logo. Working with her is nothing but joy, ease and grace and I am so pleased with how it came to fruition. She was particularly patient and Zen with me while making several iterations. Brava.

My friend Mimmo Cipoletta, a Napoletano music attorney living and working in Milano as many Southerners do, called me last week with some great news. After two+ years, we have finally secured the licensing to 4 of the 7 Edoardo Bennato songs used in the film. Bennato is a very famous Neapolitan rocker and poet.

We are still working on the remaining 3 songs which are tougher in terms of publishing and master tracks. He has spent a lot of time (gratis) aka pro bono, (actually both are Latin!) on behalf of this film and the city of Naples.

I met Mimmo (short for Domenico) on the streets of Naples 5 years ago filming from afar groups of young men and women making out in a public park. Mimmo immediately offered to help me with all music and has remained committed to this project and his word for 5 years. Sei un angelo. Ti voglio bene.

There still are a few other songs that need to be licensed before I can move forward. If I don't get the licensing to them, I have back up plans. Sempre possiamo arrangiarci. We can always "arrange" ourselves. Arrangiarsi sometimes is making chicken salad out of chicken shit. We shall see what is for dinner in the coming weeks. Yet I guarantee it will come out like a pizza Napoletana.

Thanks for your support as we move into the very final stretch.


aka il pAzZAioLo

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