Massimo Bottura

"All my mistakes have become masterpieces"

- Teitur Lassen

Massimo Bottura

Here is a story from 60 minutes about one of my heroes, Massimo Bottura, a 3-star Michelin chef from Modena (pronounced MÒ - DE - NA) whose most famous dish, "Oops, I dropped the lemon tart" was created by an "accident". He, being an inspired master, saw BEAUTY in it, went with it and "arranged". Now all his lemon tarts are smashed and served this way as edible art. This is the art of Arrangiarsi.

I love this man. He also has started "refugios" or soup kitchens in abandoned theatres and churches that fill the stomach and lift the Spirit, using all discarded leftovers, unused produce or ingredients about to be thrown away. They create dishes to feed the homeless using just what is given to them on any given day, "forcing" new recipes and creations. This is Arrangiarsi. This is how pizza was born.

There are now 7 of these refugios; in London, Paris, Rio and 4 in Italy. Bravo.

There is also a beautiful feature film made about this with Massimo called "Theatre of Life" which really touched me, as did this 60 Minutes piece. Enjoy.

"We need dreams. If you don't dream, and don't dream big, you cannot change the world"

- Massimo Bottura

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